: session databases

This space contains a repository of session databases shared by users of _derivations. Users are free to download and use the databases found here (wholly or in part) within _derivations, for use in their own performances. If you would like to submit a database to be shared on this page, please send a link to your zipped database folder to contact | at | bencarey | dot | net

Cumulative sessions created containing new material combined with databases represented here are more than welcome.

Databases are packaged as .zip archives, and are tagged with meta-data associated with their contents. If you are submitting a database to share, please provide the following info:

- Performance date and location

- Studio or live performance recording

- Instruments/sound sources used

- Single or multi-session database

: session databases

Alana Blackburn - tenor recorder :: 13.0 MiB, 1,015 downloads ::
Performer(s): Alana Blackburn
Date and Location: September 2011, Home Studio, Sydney
Instrument/Sound Source(s): tenor recorder
Database type: Single Session

Ben Carey - tenor sax :: 39.1 MiB, 1,014 downloads ::
Performer(s): Ben Carey
Date and Location: December 2012, Home Studio, Sydney
Instrument/Sound Source(s): tenor saxophone
Database type: Multi Session (2 Sessions)

Joshua Hyde - alto sax :: 76.0 MiB, 1,027 downloads ::
Performer(s): Joshua Hyde
Date and Location: November 2012, Home Studio, Paris, IRCAM Studio 2, Paris
Instrument/Sound Source(s): alto saxophone
Database type: Multi Session (3 sessions)