: software

: the software 

(read distribution note)

Standalone Distribution:

This application will run without the need for the installation of any additional software, and should run on just about any recent mac (see system requirements below).

Latest Version: _derivations-v1.08-standalone.zip :: 16.4 MiB, 986 downloads ::

MaxMSP Distributions:

These versions require Cycling ’74′s MaxMSP to run. They include all source code, externals and abstractions. Place the unzipped files in your Max search path, and make sure to read _README.txt for specific installation instructions.

SuperVP - the superVP distribution requires a subscription to the IRCAM forum, and MaxMSP or MaxRuntime to be installed.

Latest Version: _derivations-superVP-v1.08.zip :: 13.4 MiB, 847 downloads ::

Standard – this ‘standard’ distribution requires MaxMSP or MaxRuntime to be installed. It is the uncompiled version of the standalone application above.

Latest Version: _derivations-v1.09.zip :: unknown, 808 downloads ::

: system requirements

:: _derivations runs on Mac OS X only ::

Minimum Mac systems requirements: Mac Intel machine running OS X 10.5 or later, and 1 GB RAM. The latest builds have been tested on Mac OS X 10.10.2, using Max 6.1.5. Not tested on Max 7 as yet, but in principle it should not have any major issues.

: documentation

Don’t forget to watch the video documentation for info on getting up and running with _derivations.





distribution note

Differences between the three distributions below are mostly due to trade-offs between sound quality and a desire for open-source distribution. The standalone distribution provides the most flexible option, as no proprietary software is required to run the system. The ‘standard’ distribution is an identical, though open-source version of the standalone software. The family of objects used in the ‘superVP’ distribution provide superior quality (specifically related to the ‘phase vocoders’ used in the system), as they make use of proprietry objects access through a paid subscription to the IRCAM forum. If you have a subscription to the IRCAM forum, and MaxMSP installed, this is the best option.