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Articles, reviews and online writings concerning the _derivations project:

: academic papers

May 2012: Designing for Cumulative Interactivity: The _derivations System In Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Ann Arbor.

: reviews/interviews/articles

June 2014: Interview with Tobias Fischer of tokafi magazine

June 2014: Review: Benjamin Carey et. al:  _derivations - Matthew Lorenzon, Partial Durations/RealTime Arts

April 2014: Interview with Sam Gillies of Cut Common Magazine 

February 2013: _derivations guest post at a100ql – guest blog post on the site of Swiss musician, composer and sound designer Tobias Reber

August 2012: Review: Getting more from your instrument - Felicity Clark, RealTime Arts Issue 111, p.48

August 2012: Review: In Varietate Concordia - Paul Nolan, ArtsHub News/Reviews

June 2012: Sound Play - UTS U:Magazine featured event ‘Computer Improvisation’

May 2012: Beyond Musical Borders - Sydney Conservatorium of Music ‘Conversations’ Magazine Feature, pp. 7-12

December 2011: Derivations Overview - introduction to the project and its context over at my personal blog.